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Website Advertising Solutions

We know that traffic is hard to come by. This is exactly why you are here. You have built your website and waited for people to see your site, but not enough people came therefore you did not make enough profit.

This is why Traffic Excess was founded. For over 16 years, Traffic Excess has specialized in getting advertisers' websites, the targeted visitors they need to have a traffic increase so they can start making sales! We are able to advertise your site to literally millions of people by using our Website Traffic Delivery Program, Keyword Targeted Visitors, Home Business Signups, Yahoo and Bing Advertising, Targeted Email AdvertisingAlexa Targeted Traffic, Mobile Advertising, YouTube Advertising, FaceBook Advertising, Twitter Advertising, Unique Text Ads, Unique Creative Ad Clicks, Banner Views Advertising, Unique Banner ClicksAudio Advertising, Payday Loan Leads and Creative Ads.

Let us handle getting traffic to your website. We will send targeted visitors to your website where you would convince them to purchase from you.


Testimonial from a Traffic Excess Client, started using TrafficExcess in October - initially just on a trial basis - The trial was very successful (unlike the trials we had run with several of your competitors!) and we then quickly switched to a weekly contract, gradually extending the weekly traffic rate as time progressed. I have nothing but praise for the way your company works - you say what you can do and when you can do it, and you go ahead and do exactly what you say - a pleasant change in this business. 
When we started with you, our company was progressing OK but still low profile - we needed targeted UK only traffic and you supplied that consistently - your service was largely responsible for taking our site from a virtual unknown to one of the largest and best known mortgage websites in the United Kingdom in just a couple of years. Thank you for your continuing efforts, after some 3 years of excellent service, I could not recommend your service more highly..........

John Willis
Managing Director - UK Mortgages Online Ltd - UK

Why choose Traffic Excess?

1. Get Results: When you succeed, we succeed. Our success depends on getting you the sales/leads that you need to provide a profitable advertising campaign for you and with advertising products such as our renowned Keyword Targeted Visitors advertising program with a 90% advertiser success rate, this becomes a reality for you. We are with you from start to finish and are always an email or phone call away ready to answer your questions in as little as 1 business day.

2. Website Visitors: We will only send REAL people to your website. You will be able to choose where your visitors will come from. Click here to see the categories.

3. Allow you to sell advertising: With our service, you can start receiving 10,000 or more visitors to your website every week. This surge in traffic increases the value of your site and allows you to generate advertising income from advertisers willing to advertise on your high traffic site.

4. Name-branding: With our service, you will be able to become the leader in your industry through continuous advertisement and promotion of your site. People and potential customers will be able to associate your company name with a brand or quality of service/product and this in turn makes it easier for people to purchase from you.

5. Money Back Guarantee: All purchases come with a money back guarantee. If we do not deliver the amount of website traffic you ordered within a 30-day period, (according to our real-time statistics provided to you when you place your order), we will refund the amount paid for the remaining website traffic not yet delivered.

6. You have total control over your Advertising Campaign: With our advanced statistics control panel, you can change the website you are advertising, pause your campaign and you will also see the number of visitors delivered each day, as well as the number of visitors left to be delivered to your site.

7. How much money can you make?: We honestly have no idea. You might make no sales. Or you might make a lot of sales. It totally depends on if people want the product or service that you are offering.
If you had a product that people wanted and were willing to pay for and you made a $20 profit on each sale, an order of 20,000 visitors with a 0.2% conversion rate, would hypothetically give you: $800 profit!

End the frustration. No more late nights wondering if you will ever get the visitor traffic you need, to give you the chance to make a significant income on the Internet.

Just take a look at our Traffic Packages.

We have packages to fit every budget. Do you want 10,000 visitors? How about 100,000 visitors? We will send them to your website!

Remember, No Traffic = No Sales

Let us take care of getting thousands of Website Visitors to your website within 1 business day!

Click here to choose your advertising package


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